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“If glam metal is characterized by shredding guitar solos, extensive use of harmonies, and use of the power ballad, then LaValle has hit the mark with Dear Sanity. Actually a bullseye in this reviewer's opinion.”

“Fans of melodic metal ala Dokken, Ratt and Scorpions pay attention now as this may just be the best album of this style you will hear in 2013.”

“Strong melodies and lazer like harmonies abound on this album...a true unmissable release and one I keep returning to personally hear again.”

“quite addictive and has every chance of becoming one of the best releases of the year in the genre . Highly recommended.”

“If you like 80’s style rock with a lot of polish, you will love LaValle and wish Dear Sanity had been in your collection for years.  Enjoy it now and forget about how much horrible popular music resonates the airwaves, the malls and just hope your kids pick up a CD or two out of your own personal collection and who knows?  Maybe they grab from your own area of Kivel Kamp classics and make Dear Sanity among their new favorite. I know it already has with me.  Chicks with teddy bears how can you resist?”

“All in all, this is a really impressive debut album! "Dear Sanity" has everything that an ordinary hard rock fan could ask; huge harmonies and melodies to die for, catchy and memorable choruses, heart-full and passionate performances and an amazing guitar work!! Plus a late 80's hair-metal, or pop-metal, sound with a solid production and there you have a brilliant release all the way! Highly recommended! Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10”